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Media Files Data Recovery Services

Data Storage Solutions has an evolved technology to recover data from Android Devices, which includes software and hardware tools based on newest generation of our in-house built facility. This facility also support SSDs, SD and MMC cards, monolithic flash memory devices. We are able to recover data from Android devices whether they have logical corruption or physical damage. DSS has successfully recovered data virtually from every type and brand of Android-based devices available in the market, such as smartphones and tablets, netbooks and smartbooks

In turn, portable devices have been subjected to lot of abuse, and considering todays mobile technology, provision is made for storing more and more critical data on Android-based appliances. Consequently, Android smart phones and tablets that are widely used are exposed to different factors like water, heat, or accidental drops making the gadgets to be susceptible to data loss. Then it becomes an important subject for data recovery. The portability of these gadgets also render these sophisticated and essential Android mobile devices to be the prime objects for data loss. With an increasing amount of data being stored on these Android devices, it is sad that enough care is not taken and are even least frequently backed-up.

Remember that DSS is here to serve you and will be your best choice to look for recovering data from your devices like Smartphones and Tablets even if your device is completely broken, soaked in liquids or melted